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Science Fiction Sketches 
12:33am 03/07/2006
  Hello, not really about Mars, but you may be interested in relatively new scifisketch community which is created for all your drawings of spaceships, robots etc.  
All Hail! 
09:37am 26/04/2006
  Ok, I officially claim the planet of Mars- every inch of it. I also crown myself, and take the title of Empress Mars. My reasons for doing so, are based on solid evidence that indicates this red/orange planet belongs specifically to me. Here they are:

1. My nickname is Mars
2. According to Astrology- I'm an Aries- Mars is the planet of Aries
3. My favorite color is red. Mars is red.
4. Because I have a good, gut feeling that Mars needs a crazy ruler like myself.

Alright, now that we have that established. Good day to all of you.

The Dignified Empress,
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12:47am 07/12/2005
  Are there any good movies about our favorite planet? I watched "Red Planet" tonight and was terribly disappointed at both the predictability of the story and the loose, overbloated plot.

I've heard "Mission to Mars" is equally atrocious. Can anyone recommend any good Mars movies?

BTW, I've procured a copies of both Ben Bova's Mars and Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  Thank you for the recommendations.
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09:46pm 05/12/2005
  Can anyone rec any good short stories about our favorite planet?

Preferably ones that involve Martian life.
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07:54pm 03/12/2005

She kisses the God of War faintly, but with passion.



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michael whelan is badass 
03:10pm 02/12/2005
  Mars sci-fi artCollapse )  
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Second Home, First Home? 
02:30pm 01/12/2005
  Little do they know, from all these unmanned recon-excursions and tabloid fantasy is that, earth, in fact is our species' second home, they will find, as we progress and find better methods for research that Mars is actually a post-nuclear holocaust war-planet. They will find water, ruins and remains under the sand of this once green and life-supporting planet.  
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11:40pm 30/11/2005
  link: read about life on mars

This is the image which for some reason I've generally found the most convincing possible fossil. The one you usually seem to see looks like an isolated structure that could potentially pass for some kind of purely mineral crystal anomaly, but the repetative nature of this pattern--yet with randomizations--speaks of a less perfect formation more akin to biological life.

01:32pm 30/11/2005


WHAT YOU GET: A Martian Deed, which confirms your registration of the one acre of Mars and gives the co-ordinates of your plot.

The Martian Map so you can see where your property is located. The Martian Constitution and Bill of Rights (I didn't know there was one!) which details the Martian laws, your rights, and of course, the all important laws of THE BIG CHEESE.


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01:46pm 30/11/2005
  title or description

Released by NASA in a short series of photomanipulations to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.
01:23pm 30/11/2005
  There is currently no Mars-interest group on lj. To that end I have opened this community, though it is up to any who join it to create the flow of information and discussion that constitutes community.

So please, join, introduce yourself, and update us on interesting news, literature, or ideas you have!
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